Abstracts & Presentation

Abstracts / Extended abstract / Presentations
The deadline for submitting an abstract to the 6th SAYKAD: October 1st, 2019
The abstracts should be written in English word count should not exceed 500 words.
Accepted abtracts will be requested to prepare an extended abstract with maximum word count of 2000 words (exluding headings and references) and maximum three tables added. The maximum 10  references will be accepted in the paper. Preperation of extended acstracts  is optional. Either short abstracts or extended abstracts will be accessible/public in congress website electronically.
Abstracts of only research articles will be accepted. Review abstarcts will not be relevant and will not be accepted.
The title of the paper should be as clear and as short as possible. Titles character count should not exceed 125 characters including spaces.

All accepted abstracts will be ORAL presented in parallell sessions in max 10 minutes with maximum 10 slides (all accepted abstracts should be presented as posters  in poster hall as well) in subject-specific parallel QoL Sessions, that will be held in 22nd and 23rd of November 2019.

Power point presentations' slide limitations:
·           Title and Pupose (only 1 slide)
·           Methods (2-4 slides)
·           Results (3-6 slides)
·           Conclusion (only 1 slide)

Poster Display Dates
All posters will be on display between  Nov.22nd, 2019 (09:00 ) and  Nov. 23rd, 2019 (16:00)
Poster Board Size
The maximum available dimensions of the portrait poster board are 100 cm in height x 70 cm in width.