International Health Related Quality of Life Meeting
(Clinical Application of Quality of Life)
Ege University, Atatürk Cultural Centre, Konak, İzmir

21 November 2019 (1. Day):
Workshops  (Venue: Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Education and Department of Biostatistics)

I- Fundamentals of QoL Research
II- Classical Psychometric Analyses – Applied Lisrel-AMOS
III- Applied “R”

22 November 2019 (2. Day):
Venue: EÜ Atatürk Kültür Merkezi
Registration and Opening: 08-45 - 09-30

Keynote Speech (09-30 – 10 15)
Moderator: Hayriye Elbi
Place: Theater Hall
Global developments in QoL Practices and QoL Research
Erhan Eser
Manisa CBÜ. Faculty of Medicine, department of Public Health
Coffe break: 10 15 – 10 45
Round Table (10 45 – 12 30)
Facilitator:Ömer Aydemir
Lounge: Theater Hall
"Opportunities, barriers and opportunities of collaboration in various countries to implement Quality of Life into clinical practice."
Sylvia Mackensen (Germany)
Ali Montazeri (Iran)
Sibel Canbay Kabay (Turkey)
Mohammad Ghazuiddin  (USA)

Lunch Break: 12 30 -13 30 / Lunch-box will be supplied to the participants)

22 November 2019 Paralell QoL Symposia  (13:30–15:30)
Venue: EÜ Atatürk Cultural Centre
Lounge A
Parallel QoL Symposia  1: Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery- Dermatology and QoL (13:30–15:30)

I-Dual Conference (Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery- Dermatology)
Moderators: Levent Yoleri, İlgen Ertam

     I. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
1. Effects of Aesthetic Surgery on QOL
Cenk Demirdöven
2. Effects of breast reconstruction on quality of life, after mastectomy
Yiğit Tiftikçioğlu

     II. Dermatology
1. Quality of life scales in dermatology
*İlknur Kıvanç Altunay
2.Quality of life in children with skin disorders
*Öznur Bilaç

II-Oral Presentations:
Moderators: Aylin Türel Ermertcan, Cemal Bilaç
Lounge B
Parallel QoL Symposia  2: Romatologic disorders, rehabilitation and QoL  (13:30–15:30)

Panel: Romatologic disorders, rehabilitation and QoL
Moderators: Fatoş Önen, Cihat Öztürk

Quality of life in osteoporosis

Ayşe Küçükdeveci
Quality of life in osteoarthritis

Servet Akar
Quality of life in vasculitis

Oral Presentations:
Zeliha Ünlü , Nurullah Akkoç
Lounge C
Parallel QoL Symposia 3Pediatric haematology and QoL (13:30–15:30)

Conference: Hemophilia and quality of life
ModeratorKaan Kavaklı
Speaker: Sylvia Mackensen

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Kaan Kavaklı
Lounge D
Parallel QoL Symposia  4: Palliative care, pain and QoL (13:30–15:00)

Conference: Effects of cancer pain on QoL

ModeratorMeltem Uyar
Speakers: İdil Tekin
Saadet Koç Okudur

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Meltem Uyar
Theater Hall
Parallel QoL Symposia 5: Methods of Quality of Life Research (13:30–15:30)

Moderator: Hayriye Elbi

Dual conference 1 : Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of adapting QualityofLife (QoL) instruments into target language?
Speakers: *Itesh Sachdev (SOAS, Univ. Of London) & *Yousef Omar (London Centre for Arabic Language Training)

Conference 2: Minimum Clinically important difference
Speaker: Hakan Baydur

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Rukiye Pınar

Coffee break: 15 30 – 15 45

Parallel QoL Symposia  6: QoL in Psychiatry (15:45 - 17:45)
Conference: Evaluation of psychosocial functioning of patients in psychiatry: disability versus quality of life

Speakers: Hayriye Elbi, Ömer Aydemir
Dual conference

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Ömer Aydemir

Coffee break: 15 30 – 15 45

22 November 2019 Parallel QoL Symposiums (15:45–17:45)
Yer: EÜ Atatürk Cultural Centre
Lounge A
Parallel QoL Symposia  7: Quality of Life in Neurological Diseases
Conference: Multi-Center Project Development for Quality of Life in Neurological Diseases
Moderator: Egemen İdiman
Quality of Life in Neurological Diseases Working Group projects and activities in 5 years
Hatice Mavioğlu

Evaluation of swallowing function in stroke patients and its effect on quality of life project
Ayşın Kısabay

Update of valid and reliable Quality of Life Scales in Epilepsy and validity and reliability studies of new quality of life scales in Turkish
Asuman Ali

Smartphone application project of patient reported scales used in multiple sclerosis
Serkan Demir

Awareness Raising Project on Quality of Life in Neurological Diseases
Nurgül Güngör Tavşanlı

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Nur Yüceyar
Lounge B
Parallel QoL Symposia  8: QoL in Pulmonary Diseases
Moderator: Tuncay Göksel
Conference 1:
QoL in Asthma and COPD: Which scale? Do we use ?
Speaker: Arzu Yorgancıoğlu

Conference 2:
Pulmonary Health and QoL in Aging People
SpeakerAhmet Emin Erbaycu

Conference 3:
The Place of Quality of Life Measurement in Palliative Care
SpeakerYasemin Kılıç Öztürk

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Onur Fevzi Erer
Lounge C
Parallel QoL Symposia  9: Child Psychiatry and QoL

Moderator: Özlem Gencer
Panel: Highlighting Problems of Quality of Life in Child Psychiatry

Autism and Quality of Life
SpeakerM Ghaziuddin

QoL and prognosis of ADHD patients
SpeakerBurcu Özbaran

And then? Course and QoL after reported abuse
SpeakerSevcan Karakoç

Oral Presentations:
Moderator:Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
Lounge D
Parallel QoL Symposia  10: QoL in otorhinolaryngology (15 00 - 17:45)

Panel 1: Use of quality of life questionnaires in sleep disorders
Moderators: Murat Demet, Kıvanç Günhan
Melike Batum,
Gökçe Tanyeri Toker
Erkan Günay
Gonca İnanç
Murat Songu

Panel 2: Use of quality of life questionnaires in dysosmia
Moderators: Adile ÖzgörenKıvanç Günhan
Cem Bediz
Çağdaş Güdücü
Erdoğan Özgür
Uzdan Uz
Oral Presentations (17:15-17:45 )
Moderator: Kıvanç Günhan

23 November 2019 (Day 2):
Parallel QoL Symposiums (09:00–11:00)
Vanue: EÜ Atatürk Cultural Centre
Lounge A
Parallel QoL Symposia  11: QoL in surgical medical fields

Conference 1:  Amputations and QoL,
Moderator: Meryem Yavuz van Giersbergen
Speaker: Filiz Öğce

Round Table:
Are multidisciplinary efforts sufficient to use quality of life in routine clinical practice in surgical fields? Where to start?

Facilitator: Talha Müezzinoğlu
Adalet Koca Kutlu
Emre Canda
* M.Turhan Sofuoğlu

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Emel Yılmaz
Lounge B
Parallel QoL Symposia  12: QoL in internal medical fields

Round Table:
Are conditions sufficient for quality of life to be used in internal medicine in daily routine clinical practice? How to do?

Facilitator: Tuncay Göksel
*Rukiye Pınar Bölükbaş
*Hülya Doğan Şahin  
*Demet Gülpek

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Tuncay Göksel
Theater Hall
Parallel QoL Symposia  13: QoL in Pediatrics

Round Table:
What are the obstacles and cooperation opportunities for the use of quality of life in daily routine clinical practice in the field of pediatrics? How do we succeed?

Facilitator: Mehmet Kantar
Raziye Canan Vergin
Şermin Yalın
Dilek Ergin

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Zümrüt Başbakkal

Coffee break: 11 00 – 11 15

Panel – Precision Medicine (11-15 – 12 45 )
Moderator: Gül Ergör

Place: Theater Hall
Precision (personalized) medicine
Gül Ergör
Precision (personalized) oncology
Nader Javadi
Age Care Technologies: digital assessment, care planning and caregiver training in person-centered care for older people
Ian Philip

Lunch Break: 12 30 -13 30 / Lunch-box will be supplied to the participants)

SAYKAD Award ceremony (13 30 – 14 00)
(Best paper award; QoL Advocacy Award)
Place: Theater Hall
Moderator:  Erhan Eser - Hayriye Elbi
Conference (14 00 – 14 45)
Moderator: Mehmet Orman
Place: Theater Hall
How is Big Data managed in Health and Health Services? Possible problems and savings.
Bedirhan Üstün

Coffee break: 14 45 – 15 15

Parallel QoL Symposiums (15:15–17:15)
Yer: EÜ Atatürk Kültür Merkezi
Lounge A
Parallel QoL Symposia  14: QoL in Geriatrics

Panel: National and international experiences improving the quality of life in the elderly
Moderator: Fehmi Akçiçek

Quality of life in the elderly with chronic disease
Zeliha Fulden Saraç  

Quality of life in the elderly in Japan
Ikuko Murakami

“Brush up on”  University Experience in Turkey and the impact on the quality of life of the elderly
Sevnaz Şahin

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Arif Yüksel 
Lounge B
Parallel QoL Symposia  15: Quality of Life in Emergency Health Services
Panel:  Quality of Life in Emergency Health Services
ModeratorTurhan Sofuoğlu

Cardiology, intensive care and ERC interventions
*Nikolaos Nikolaou

Children's emergency services in terms of quality of life
*Murat Anıl

Quality of life in pre-hospital emergency services management
*Zeynep Sofuoğlu 

The effect of ICU applications on quality of life
*Nimet Şenoğlu
Theater Hall
Parallel QoL Symposia  16: Quality of Life in primary health care and community level (Family Medicine and Public Health) and Occupational Health (13:30–17:45)
ModeratorYücel Demiral

Conference 1 : Evaluation of safety culture in agriculture
SpeakerStephan Van den Broucke

Conference 2: Multimorbidity and target-oriented care in patient-centered clinical approach in primary care
SpeakerMehmet Akman

Oral Presentations:
Moderator: Sultan Eser
Theater Hall
17:15 - 17 30